This site is designed to help you be ready for unforseen circumstances that may have adverse affects
Most adverse situations can be made less adverse if you happen to have the right materials and equipment.
This site can assist you in understanding your options for preparing for the circumstance you hope not to encounter.

I personally know good folks that are hard core preppers and I also know good folks that are not considered preppers
but like the comfort of having the tools and materials ready to deal with unforseen problems.

Have you ever had a bad experince where afterward you say to yourself "If I only had (fill in the blank)"?
Here we hope to stimulate thoughts of things you may want to have on hand to make these situations more tolerable

I live in Florida and have learned by weathering my share of hurricanes that certain items can make the crisis a lot more tolerable.
This site offers information about products that offer the potential relief from hurricanes, floods, social unrest
and even nuclear attack!

We are an Amazon Affiliate and there are links to these products and we encourage you to shop around if you think you need them, and we hope you learn about how to prepare for these possible eventualities
When you buy from Amazon and you are not happy, they will come pick it back up and offer you a refund or replacement.